Feel free to leave your comments about your massage experience with Becky. Thank you.

Johnny C Gravatar   30.11.-0001 00:00
Great massage and atmosphere
This was my first visit and one of the best massages I've ever had. Very clean and comfortable room. Becky actually listened and worked on the areas that needed the attention. After over thirty years on the road and having massages in some of the finest spas in the country Becky rates in my top two.
C.W. Gravatar   30.11.-0001 00:00
Becky Manor has magic hands....After an hour, my head turns, my lower back isn't screaming, and I have a peaceful, easy feeling. What did I learn? Don't wait until you are tied in knots to get a massage, treat youdelf regularily. I plan to.
H. B. Gravatar   30.11.-0001 00:00
Becky Is Awesome! She loves her work!
I can tell that Becky loves what she does because of the time and care she takes with her clients. I enjoy her quiet and calm personality and the atmosphere of her room. I feel like I'm in heaven, even before she begins the massage
D. W. Gravatar   30.11.-0001 00:00
Becky was great, and her deep tissue massage was one of the best, I have experienced. I have had massages in various states, and Becky is at the top of my list, as one of the BEST around. I will definitely be a repeat customer.
Calvin B. Gravatar   30.11.-0001 00:00
Excellent touch! Becky did a great job! Her movement was slow, gentle and yet deep enough to get the relief that I needed. I have been getting massages for 13 years and Becky is one of best I have had. Definitely recommend her to anyone interested in a quality experience.
Vicki Clark Gravatar   30.11.-0001 00:00
Just what I needed! Great atmosphere! Great aroma-therapy! Great music! Great massage! Just what I needed to continue to carry on the task of recovery after the devastating Bastrop fires.
C.L. Gravatar   30.11.-0001 00:00
Becky is caring and professional. This was my first visit with Becky, but it definitely wont be my last She obviously cares about her clients, and guided, questioned, and worked to give me relief. i was impressed with her skills, thoroughness, and compassion.
Val K Gravatar   30.11.-0001 00:00
Thanks for not hurting me...
One of the few times I've had work done, and actually felt better. She used techniques that no else had used that were extremely effective and yet totally tolerable.
julie g Gravatar   30.11.-0001 00:00
I know Becky cares about my pain. When ever I have a paticular pain spot-Becky will work --if even over the time limit---I know she truley wants to fix it for me!!! I agree, she is truly gifted and performs miracles every time she works on me
Cy Wagner Gravatar   30.11.-0001 00:00
Healing hands...Becky is truly gifted. She addresses the complaints I have with my poorly maintained body. She then works out the problems and leaves me with what may well be another body. I'm not asking where she got it.
Elizabeth E. Gravatar   30.11.-0001 00:00
Becky Performs Miracle... Becky really seemed to perform a miracle as far as I am concerned. The chronic back pain I have been experiencing every morning is gone after only one session. I feel like my energy and overall health will benefit from her therapy. I received way more than I expected.
G.Ann Gravatar   30.11.-0001 00:00
Becky is the best I've experienced. I have been receiving massages for 35 years.
D.L. Gravatar   30.11.-0001 00:00
Becky is AMAZING.....I highly recommend Becky. Her massages are wonderful and she has a way of finding and correcting the source of pain. I also find that healing occurs on many levels.
Bethany D Gravatar   30.11.-0001 00:00
Professional, skilled, knowledgeable. I made an appointment with Becky for a 90 min massage to work out tight muscles in my back from computer work and old sciatic problems in my lower back. Becky was so careful about each muscle group, being slow and gentle enough to ease the muscles into compliance, but strong enough to reach the deep tissues that were the cause of the pain. I have had many massages in many resorts, and Becky's was the best. She was attentive to my needs. This will be a regular thing!
Cynthia M Gravatar   30.11.-0001 00:00
Totally awesome! I was so relieved when Becky could see me immediately due to my neck/upper back pain. She even stayed late to get me in. On top of that, my neck relaxed so much, and I recovered quickly. Best massage and most accomodating!
Linda C Gravatar   30.11.-0001 00:00
Relaxing get-a-way.I have had alot of health issues, and had not had a massage for over a year and a half. After a recent massage with Becky, I feel like I have been on a relaxing vacation - rejuvinated and energized! She's the best, and I highly recommend any of her services.
Cindy Dobie Gravatar   30.11.-0001 00:00
Just what the doctor ordered. My son, a radiologist, gave me a gift certificate for a massage for my recent birthday. It was wonderful and I feel that his money was well spent. I will have another massage soon. Highly recommend Becky Manor.
S.L. Gravatar   30.11.-0001 00:00
Very attentive to injuries
I sprained by hamstring and hip, and after a sports massage, the pain was completely gone! The next time I came in, I was complaining of pain in the front of my thigh that I've had recurrently all my life and she was able to recognize what muscle it was, the psoas. She helped me recognize where the muscle was and the pain went magically away after 3 days. She listens so well and really helped me learn more about my body. It is rare to find someone like that
M.B. Gravatar   30.11.-0001 00:00
Definitely takes the pain away. Becky listens as you explain your issues and then finds the problems and effectively works them out. You can definitely feel her energy coming through her hands and into your body. After a massage with her I feel great. I highly recommend Beck Manor
Melinda B Gravatar   30.11.-0001 00:00
Why do I wait so long....
Becky did a fantastic job working out my aches and pains. She also has very helpful information on health issues. Can't say enough good things about Becky
Gail Brock Gravatar   30.11.-0001 00:00
Not only does Becky give one of the best deep tissue massages that I have ever had, but she is also one of the nicest people I have met.
Margaret Martin Gravatar   30.11.-0001 00:00
Awesome Massage
Becky is simply the best massage therapist around here! Very professional, relaxing, yet affordable. And yes, she's a super nice person!
M.M. Gravatar   30.11.-0001 00:00
Best ever. Always the best massages. I've been to expensive spas, but Becky is just plain wonderful, just the right pressure. Very relaxing and feels so good! Thanks for the being in Bastrop.
Sherry M. Gravatar   30.11.-0001 00:00
Awesome! New customer and I will come back. Becky was great she had just the right amount of pressure not to much. Her office is very relaxing, and I love that I can stay in Bastrop. Highly recommend
S.L. Gravatar   30.11.-0001 00:00
Absolutely wonderful massage. I have been several times and every time I feel great afterwards. Very comfortable environment and Becky is excellent at relieving tension.
Bonnie U. Gravatar   30.11.-0001 00:00
Ahhhhhhhh! I went to Becky with so much tension in my neck and shoulders that it hurt to put my purse strap over my shoulder. After my session with Becky, I felt better than I had in months! I will definitely go back and I will tell all my friends
M. B. Gravatar   30.11.-0001 00:00
Awesome massage.That's all I can say ,"Awesome". My neck and shoulders were in a wreck and Becky straightened me right out with no "aftershock". Well worth the investment
Sonya Amaya Gravatar   30.11.-0001 00:00
Excellent massage! Becky was prompt and I did not have to wait. Very professional, soothing enviornment, and overall one of the best massages I have ever received. Highly recommend!Thank you Becky
Donna Shurtleff Gravatar   30.11.-0001 00:00
Terrific Massage! Had 2 massages with Becky while visiting my daughter in Texas. She did an excellent job working out the kinks and knots in my back. I would highly recommend her and look forward to another massage when I visit again
Cindy Dobie Gravatar   30.11.-0001 00:00
I have now had two massages from Becky and she amazes me with the her strength and technique. Becky always asks about areas of attention and amount of pressure for that day. I will go back again and again.
Candy Kelley Gravatar   30.11.-0001 00:00
Best Therapeutic Massage Ever
Awesome Massage! Ive been to many and Becky is the best yet. Thank you Becky for loving what you do. I have various inflamation issues acquired from chemo and radiation and she does an excellent job. Highly recommended
Gail Brock Gravatar   30.11.-0001 00:00
Becky is an outstanding massage therapist. She is very professional and does great work. She gives a wonderful massage for someone like me who has a great deal of problems with my neck and shoulders.
Zia Lowe Gravatar   30.11.-0001 00:00
Excellent Massage!
I have a lot of neck and shoulder issues and Becky really took her time and provided an excellent terapeutic massage. It was a very relaxing atmosphere.
Cody Nevels Gravatar   30.11.-0001 00:00
Becky did a great job with my first massage, she helped relieve so much tension that I have in my upper body. I will deffinetely be going back to see her again.
Bonnie Hogan Gravatar   30.11.-0001 00:00
Magic Hands...Becky Manor has been my massage therapist for over 3 years. She is simply wonderful. At the beginning of each appointment, she checks to see what my massage needs are for that particular session. As I suffer from fibromyalgia, I appreciate that particular detail since my condition varies from session to session. She always checks to see what massage pressure I prefer or need. The massage atmosphere is restful and very relaxing. I highly recommend Becky to anyone wanting massage therapy.
Martha M. Gravatar   30.11.-0001 00:00
Outstanding work. My first visit - very rewarding! A great deal of the pain in my neck, shoulders and lower back have disappeared. Today I am able to move up and down the back stairs to water my garden and went grocery shopping without pain. Becky has a gentle, yet firm and patient technique. I highly recommend her.
B Lile Gravatar   30.11.-0001 00:00
Becky's technique is the best I have experienced! Over the course of 30+ years I have seen at least 7 massage therapists. With all that table time I still have not figured out exactly how she does all the good work that I experience every visit. Thank you Becky
K. Knowlton Gravatar   30.11.-0001 00:00
Massage Therapy Works!
Had been suffering for a week, unable to turn my head. Then I finally listened to my wife & went to Becky. Two treatments later I feel great. All my movement has returned. Thanks for a wonderful massage.
Debbie Gauntlett Gravatar   30.11.-0001 00:00
Great tune up 
As a teacher of special needs 3-4 year olds I don't get much time to relax during the day. Thank goodness Becky is there to help me de-stress and keep my body in tip top condition. There is more to life than eating well and exercising, it includes massage too. The room was quiet and comfortable and Becky saw to my every need. Thanks Becky!
Linda Detwiler Gravatar   30.11.-0001 00:00
Georgia Gwen Gravatar   30.11.-0001 00:00
wonderful release
I feel relaxed and smooth when I leave my massage. Pain is releaved. I look forward to appointment on a frequent basis. Quite music and soothing atmosphere.
Claire Nybro Gravatar   30.11.-0001 00:00
Very Relaxing
Becky did a great job - I was so relaxed I was as limp as a noodle! Good thing I drank lots of water afterwards - I could tell the toxins were being flushed out of my body because I was really tired for most of the day. After a great night's sleep, I felt wonderful today! And my back pain was gone! These are all telltale signs of a great massage; it was very therapeutic.
A. Olmstead Gravatar   30.11.-0001 00:00
Free at last, Lord Free at Last!
Very relaxing massage and it helped so much, I have tried doctors and other alternative procedures and this has been the most help for my stressed muscles I have received! I was made comfortable and felt relaxed, no undo heavy kneading to where I hurt afterwords. I finally got some good sleep that night and only minor (to be expected due to the length of time of having knotted muscles) soreness the next day. I will definitely go back regularly for maintenance! I highly recommend Becky!
Carrie B. Gravatar   30.11.-0001 00:00
Relief at Last
My shoulders ,upper back & neck were so sore & tight I felt like I was going to crack in two! Becky worked out the knots & helped me to feel more relaxed than I had in weeks.
Betty Irving Gravatar   30.11.-0001 00:00
This is the best I've felt in months !!!
I really did not know how bad back pain was until about 8 months ago. It effected every other part of my body. Becky was so good and thorough and gentle.I never felt discomfort or pain. She gave me good advice on how to take care of my back. That night was the first full sleep I had in months. I am still feeling great ! I
Karen Collins Gravatar   30.11.-0001 00:00
Great massage!!!
This was my 3rd professional massage and the best one. It was so relaxing that I actually started dosing off a few times and I had never done that before. Becky is great for relaxation and using just the right amount of pressure for your needs. I highly recommend her.
Kelly Wells Gravatar   30.11.-0001 00:00
Just what I needed!
It had been way too long since I'd had a good deep tissue massage, but Becky worked her magic and released the built up tension in my neck & shoulders. I thought I'd be sore afterwards, but I feel great. Thanks Becky!
Susan Gravatar   30.11.-0001 00:00
I have been seeing Becky for several years now. She is definitely been my "self-care". She adapts the therapy to whatever my body is needing at the time. I always find myself very relaxed and revitalized after each session.
Michelle Gravatar   30.11.-0001 00:00
Becky is truly gifted in her massage techniques and intuition. I have several "issues" going on with my back and not only did she use several different techniques (myofascial massage, deep tissue, etc) she knew exactly what areas needed the most work and when to not overdo it. I have improved flexibility and pain-free living thanks to Becky! I never thought my back would feel this good again. Very relaxing and attentive as well!
Stephanie Keahey Gravatar   30.11.-0001 00:00
Talent! I need regular massages for chronic shoulder pain. I get very difficult to work out knots in my muscles. I've had massages by the best and from around the world. I've only seen Becky once & had time for just a 45min session. I receive more relief from that 45min than from any massage in the past. I went to the Hyatt first thinking that would be the best in the area but in truth it was one of my least favorite experiences. Go with Becky Manor, you won't be sorry. I highly recommend her services.
RIchard Gravatar   30.11.-0001 00:00
I came all the way from Connecticut in pain. My daughter-in-law referred me to Becky. It was probably the best experience my body has ever had! It's hard to explain, but she knew exactly where the pain was and exactly what to do - she was very intuitive to where my muscles and body ached. I now feel great!
Melissa Gravatar   30.11.-0001 00:00
great experience - fantastic massage, she focused in on and helped my problem areas, wonderful relaxing atmosphere! I will no doubt use Becky time and again. Thank you!
Lisa Gravatar   30.11.-0001 00:00
Wonderful atmosphere, excellent hands - Loved the massages, you really have helped my migraines and the lower leg pain. Thanks so much.

Lisa (reprinted from Review posted at Google Local)
Mandy Gravatar   30.11.-0001 00:00
You don't need a pill to make you feel better... Get a massage!
Becky does a wonderful job. Her office is very calming, and her massages are amazing. The way she is able to relax tight muscles and pinpoint problem areas is also amazing. You'll be hooked after the first visit.
Barbie Gravatar   30.11.-0001 00:00
My very first Massage.
I am hooked after the first visit and I am ready to go back. Very professional. Made it easy for me to realax and enjoy the massage. Becky knew which muscles needed the most attention and was tentive to those areas. Becky let me know what was going to happen before we started and did not make me feel in a rush. She went out of her way to help me enjoy the session. Thank you, Becky
G.W. Gravatar   30.11.-0001 00:00
worked through my aches well
Very thorough and works with clients well. I have returned 2 times now and we continue to address my ongoing stress issues. This is my first time getting a massage and I think this is going to be the answer to my problems.
MK Gravatar   30.11.-0001 00:00
A Gem of a Massage Therapist!I have been looking for a good massage for several years. I have been to some massage therapists that did nothing for me. When I was referred to Becky I immediately made an appointment. Upon arrival, she and I talked of my history, she asked about what I was looking for in a massage and took extra care to make me comfortable. At the end of massage, I just wished she would continue to make me feel as relaxed as she had. I will certainly make more appointments! She is a "gem."
C. C. Gravatar   30.11.-0001 00:00
Becky is great! I have been to lots of massage therapists over the years and find that Becky has great technique and is very thorough. She worked out tight knots and relaxed muscles that had been bothering me for years, with her strong , yet gentle technique. I will definitely be a regular client.
K. Davis Gravatar   30.11.-0001 00:00
She's the Best. I have been going to Becky for massages for nearly 4 years now. I suffer from herniated discs in my neck and the muscles in my neck and back periodically spasm and the pain is horrible. Becky has strong hands and can penetrate the layers of muscles to get to the deep knots that cause so much pain. She is very soothing and respectful. I will continue to use her services as the need arises
DJO Gravatar   30.11.-0001 00:00
Great Experience
My doctor suggested massage therapy for my neck and shoulder pain. This was my first massage and I was hesitant. Becky took the time to make me feel comfortable and explain the process. The massage felt great and I will definitely go to Becky again when I am in need or just because it feels so good.
Cydnee White Gravatar   30.11.-0001 00:00
I recommend Becky Manor
I was very impressed with Becky. When I went in, my neck and shoulders were so tight, I couldn't move my head. She unlocked my tension and I could move again. The massage room was very relaxing as well. I highly recommend Becky.
Sheri Innerarity Gravatar   30.11.-0001 00:00
I've had Becky Manor doing my massages for several years now. Everything is A+, from the technique, to the environment, soothing music, scented air (or not, as you please), and a really comfortable massage table. Her sinus and HA massages are Great.
Judy Cameron Gravatar   30.11.-0001 00:00
Becky is very professional, caring and a wonderful massage therapist!. I came in hurting all over and left feeling wonderful!. Day after massage, I am feeling great. Thanks Becky.
J. Webb Gravatar   30.11.-0001 00:00
Get a massage HERE in Bastrop! A friend highly recommended Becky Manor for a massage, and a few months later I finally booked one for 90-minutes. WOW! She was accessible, calm, professional, and very skilled. I will be returning on a regular basis--she "melted" the stress points in my neck, shoulders, back. The environment was conducive as well--quiet, comfortable, muted lighting, water sounds. Treat yourself!
Mary Gravatar   30.11.-0001 00:00
Just what I needed.
I really appreciated Becky's professional attention to my health concerns. She not only listened but was able to evaluate and give me one of the best therapeutic massages I have ever had. I am so grateful for her expertise and gentlenss.
Monica Spiller Gravatar   30.11.-0001 00:00
Becky did a great job working out the tension in my neck! She is very good at what she does and makes you feel comfortable so it is easier to relax and let her hands work their magic!!
Mery Patterson Gravatar   30.11.-0001 00:00
I enjoyed the setting, very comfortable and relaxing. Becky really takes her time to make sure she works in the areas you need it most. She works deep into your mussels but in a manner that you don’t feel pain. I felt great the next day. I thank her so much for her professionalism .
Kristian Gravatar   30.11.-0001 00:00
Best massage of my life! SERIOUSLY! I was told that Becky was the best in Bastrop by several ladies. Now I am a believer:) Absolutely amazing. Thank you soooo much! P.S. Next time I will need someone to drive me home, for real lol;o)
Julie Gravatar   30.11.-0001 00:00
first of all-i love the comfy and cozy room!! i just sink into the bed---and love the music---Becky can always seem to find my tension spots and work them away with easy pressure..which is what works best for me.. She uses top-notch oils too. i look so forward to my visits with her
Sharon Rowe Gravatar   30.11.-0001 00:00
My knots were worked out and I felt great - So Relaxed. Becky is not afraid to really go deep into the muscle which I love. Even her deep massage is done so gently, slowly and conscientiously that I'm not even sore after her deepest massages. Thanks, Becky! See you again - hopefully sooner than the last time!
Gail Brock Gravatar   30.11.-0001 00:00
Thanks for taking away my headache!!
I was in great need of my massage when I saw Becky last week and she did not disappoint. It is not often that I can find a massage therapist who will go "deep" enough for me.
Stephanie Gravatar   30.11.-0001 00:00
I really love and enjoy massage from Becky! She is always very attentive to my specific needs. I have experienced several of Becky's massage techniques including deep tissue, relaxation, Indian head, reflexology, and hot stone. Not only is she able to target my specific problem areas, but she provides an exceptionally relaxing atmosphere that makes the massage experience 100 times more enjoyable than some of those day spa massage places. It is definitely worth the drive from Austin to come see Becky!!
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